Wildstar character slots

wildstar character slots

I just want to make sure this is correct. I downloaded it after f2p and then got a membership after a day or so. I'm enjoying the game so far. Usually we have unlimited access to all the unlocked character slots. I would make my main, secondary and banker from the start, because it is. So, I have a F2P account. If I get a subscription (therefore having a signature account), do I get store credits to buy the character slots, or do.

Wildstar character slots - nicht nur

Log in or sign up in seconds. Jedoch wird einem durch die Funktion Nachbarn einzustellen die Möglichkeit gegeben, auch mit mehreren Charakteren an einem Heim zu basteln. Personal information , even your own. WildStar related content questions! Was a bit dismayed at first-until I made my 3rd character. All accounts created after the transition without applying a key from a box or digital copy of WildStar will support 2 characters per realm by default. Demonmanu View Profile View Posts. Yes, flatex de that originally bought the game will have 12 slots, others 2, however you can buy more slots from the in-game store. You won't be able to vote or comment. Can someone confirm how many slots we get? Check out the FAQ and daily questions thread first!


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